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C-87 #41-23791
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This aircraft departed its home station of Chabua, India on 09 April 1943 on a routine ferrying flight to China. It was assigned to the Air Transport Command of the 10th Air Force, 1st Ferrying Group, 3rd Ferrying Squadron.

This aircraft simply disappeared while enroute over the Hump. Numerous attempts were made to contact this ship, but no reply was received to any of the calls. The plane and its crew were never located. The nature of the loss is undetermined. Dead: 6.

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  • Crashsite at base of mountain
  • Trekking toward crashsite
  • Wreckage
  • Wreckage
  • Wreckage
  • Wreckage
  • Oxygen mask
  • Flare gun
  • Flight Engineer TSgt. Henry C. Jones
  • Radio Operator Pvt. Robert L. Looney
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